Chicago Teacher Residency Overview

The Chicago Teacher Residency is a full-time, one-year urban teacher training program that provides you with the skills and support you need to become a highly effective educator.

Residency Year Overview

Interested to know what your year would look like during the Chicago Teacher Residency? Learn about the structure of the program and what your university coursework and classroom teaching schedule will look like.

Alumni Reflections Video Still

Alumni Reflections

Hear alumni reflect on their time in the Chicago Teacher Residency program and how it made them the educator that they are today.

Mauricia Estes

Career Changing

From an IT Specialist at IBM to Assistant Principal at Carter School of Excellence, Mauricia Estes talks about her dramatic career shift.

Cohort Support

Cohort Support

The Chicago Teacher Residency is a tough year, and what helps Sarah Leddon get through is the support she receives from her peers. Being part of a cohort not only helps you with your training and coursework, but is the beginning of your professional network.

Jasmyne Portee

Do you have what it takes?

Jasmyne Portee, a first grade teacher and an alumnae of the Chicago Teacher Residency Class of 2013, shares how the program helped her form the grit she needs to find success every day in the classroom.

Leading with Data

Leading with data

Data isn’t the first thing people think about when it comes to teaching, but at the Chicago Teacher Residency, we let it guide us and better our practices every day. See why a data-first model drew Kiara Sims to the program.

LaShawn Whitney

Transformational Experience

LaShawn Whitney, Principal at Dvorak School of Excellence and a member of the Chicago Teacher Residency Class of 2007, talks about how the program allowed her to pursue a career in education.

About AUSL

About AUSL

At AUSL, we deliver great education and transform tragically underperforming schools. Because we believe every child regardless of zip code deserves the same quality of education. Not simply because it is fair, but because it is right. It’s called equity in education.